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     As an artist working in Pittsburgh, PA, my work is inspired by evolution, symbiosis, and exploring the motions and fluctuations of life. 

     My work has become much more minimal over the years.  I’ve moved from a tightly controlled, medical illustration-inspired approach to a more loose and dynamic style.  My process always begins with an initial expression, a single gesture.  I then work to elaborate on the feeling, to build on the emotion or idea in layers.

     Through my Infinity Series, I explore the fluidity of nature and the constant motion of time.  Everything evolves and changes - not just organic life, but also the earth and the cosmos.  As things are always changing, they are also balancing themselves out - a painting is complete once it reaches homeostasis.  

     Abstract expressionists Cy Twombly and Helen Frankenthaler are major stylistic influences for me.  My Happy Hills series are a reference to the great Bob Ross.  I love classical music and yoga, and I'm an avid plant collector and succulent propagator.  I studied Biological Anthropology, Biology and Fine Art, and I’m endlessly inspired by the wonders of life all around me.  

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you enjoy viewing my work and that it sparks some curiosity within you.  

Aimee Manion